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2018 Annual Report

There are great projects in store for the CCB in the near future.

The NIS Directive will be transposed into Belgian law in 2019 and will be fully implemented in the second half of next year.

We are developing several webinars to further support organisations in their cyber security policy and in October 2019 we will continue the fight against phishing with a new awareness-raising campaign. In order to make public administrations aware of cyber security problems such as viruses, unsafe passwords and vulnerabilities, we are installing an escape room with cyber tasks in an empty room in our building. We are also developing a new corporate identity with a new logo. will continue to grow to more than 30 employees. It will no doubt be a challenge to keep attracting the best experts in a labour market with a lot of competition for these experts.

The internet is a great place to be. Our role is to ensure that all internet users can enjoy it safely. The times ahead will therefore be busy, but also interesting: developments such as Smart Industry, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing will make our lives easier but at the same time present challenges to be able to offer them in a safe environment. Cybercriminals are increasingly active and the cost of cybercrime continues to rise. The CCB and its partners are therefore fully committed to these challenges.